Order of the Black Dog
#49 GPS at Gunpoint • Friday, March 4, 2011
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Ballerina Mafia now has a cast page! So take a look and learn about some of the names and faces that up until now were just whispered legends.

If you look next to Immelmann's information, you'll see a link to a nice big picture of the character drawn in my full art style. I'd like to do this for all of the characters and present them as desktop backgrounds, but unfortunately this is a time-consuming activity and I really need to spend my time working on paying rent and buying food. So, I have a proposition:

$50 donated will get you a Friday comic, as always. $100 of donations, and I'll do a nice big picture of one character next week from the cast section. If that works out, I'll make it a weekly thing - I'll surprise you with the character drawn, and sometimes I'll mix it up and make it a more general desktop background.